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Promotional sign design & hand lettering since 1981
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Your message is delivered and understood in 1.5 sec. "A person driving 45 miles per hour, in moderate traffic, on a 4-lane road, views a sign & reacts in 1.3 to 1.5 seconds." USSC (United States Sign Council) Sign-Visibility Study

on windows

Turn store front glass into a brilliant billboard. A solid design with fluorescent colors create new income streams. From a single window panel to multiple window sets. Increases foot traffic almost immediately.

on walls

Brand your wall. A small street billboard is about $35-50,000 a month. With a credible design and professional look, your wall becomes a proud icon accepted by the community, for less than 10% of single month.


The combination of attractive sign art design with banner placement on your store front attracts profits and increases your customer base. Available in all colors & sizes, on the finest of materials.

Color Surfaces

Time Quality & Price


Imagine how signs can help your business.

A loyal client, who sold high end furniture and pianos, contracted me to design and hand letter a new promotional window set every 6 weeks to 3 months. I soon came to expect a smile with each payment. Six months into our fourth year, he called his window washer before contacting me. I was on vacation so his windows laid bare for ten days.

Retiring at the end of his seventh year, he brought me into his office, paid me an average year's worth of work and said, "I want to show you what you did for my business". He explained each spike (income) on the graph coincided with the new design. Then experienced a slow decline until the next set. The fourth year marked an anomaly, an average loss of $24,000 over the 10 days his windows were blank.

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